Desktop Services Group


  • IT SUPPORT – Your day to day network must be up at all times.  We’ll help you get there and keep it that way. From on-site services offerings to 3rd party alliances, we have the tools to get you in control of your network.  
  • SPAM AND VIRUS FILTERING –  Spam, virus and adware barrage  every day. Time spent deleting spam costs companies hundreds of dollars a year per employee in lower productivity.   DTSG has positioned itself with key players in the spam and virus filtering industry, assuring your success at keeping this risk at bay. Whether you’re looking for protection for 2 workstations or an enterprise of 500, we can design, install and support solutions that create the balance of protection and price that’s right for YOU. Isn’t that what it’s all about? 
  • NETWORK MONITORING – You need to know when the health of your network changes. DTSG offers network monitoring tools and services that are fairly priced and support your needs. Preventive maintanence is as important to your company infrastructure as it is to your health.
  • OFFSITE "CLOUD" DATA BACKUP – The days of problematic tape drives and expensive backup software are coming to an end.   Let us enlighten you on the current and future of could backups, so you can find out if it’s right FOR YOU.  Are you ready? 
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY, PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION – The money you spend to protect your critical network assets may one day pay off. Does your business warrant the investment in time, money and manpower to research, design and implement a plan to protect your business in the event of a catastrophy or disaster?  What is a disaster anyway?  Let us help you figure out what to protect and how to protect it.
  • NETWORK SECURITY AND VPNs– Do you know the difference between a secure and a non-secure network? Do you understand why and how a VPN can be useful to you? Are you aware of the technology out there and how it has improved in just the past year? You probably have enough to do running that business of yours. Let the experts at DTSG clearly and politely explain your options, the risks, and the costs of implementing a SECURE VPN. It's probably less than you think! 
  • WEBSITE AND EMAIL HOSTING – Whether you have a small informational website with a few email addresses or a secure online store with many mailboxes, your business needs safe, dependable servers that are regularly monitored and updated. We provide high-speed hosting to free you from the burden of trying to do it yourself.
  • CABLING AND INFRASTRUCTURE – We know cabling, because our networks need to run on it (at least for a few more years).  Don’t leave the design and implementation of your network infrastructure
  • WIRELESS NETWORKS – The neighborhood teenager can set up a wireless router. But he CAN'T set up a secure Wi-Fi system that protects your business computers and the information they contain.
  • PROJECTS AND ROLLOUTS –  Have a new business-specific program on the horizon to help your business grow?  Need someone to help you purchase and install the hardware and systems necessary to host it?  We’ve got years of project management experience. Let us put that experience to work for you, from a multi-million dollar accounting system to a few new workstations, we're ready to help.